Sonnets are poems of fourteen lines with 10 syllables in each line.  The Italian word sonnet means little song.  During the Renaissance Italian poets wrote love poems called sonnet sequences.  William Shakespeare’s sonnets which consist of three four-line stanzas (quatrains) followed by a two-line stanza (couplet) with the rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg became known as the English sonnet.  My daughter Lauren wrote the example below about her cat Charcoal.

Cat with Gift

When I Come Home From School

The mouse sits dead on the doorstep’s frayed mat

The cat sits swishing his tail, full of joy.

The mouse’s head is gone and its bones crushed flat

And my cat waits for me to say, “Good boy.”


I stare at his green eyes and shake my head

Knowing he’s trying to give me a gift,

But I’m sick of getting gifts that are dead.

Still, I don’t want him to see that I’m miffed.


With a sigh, I reach out and stroke his fur

As I look down at the mouse in dismay.

Then my cat, oblivious, starts to purr,

And rubs on my jeans, leaving strands of gray.


The mouse goes in the trash by old cereal,

I wash my hands with antibacterial.


Lauren Burch, 2007

Charcoal with a dead mouseCharcoal

 Charcoal on the doormatCharcoal 

See if you can write a sonnet in the comments area.  Remember most writers do not achieve perfection on the first draft.  They have to write, revise and revise again.  Poet Paul Valery described poetry this way, “a poem is never finished, only abandoned.”



Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that often relates to nature.  It consists of three short lines of poetry with the syllable count of 5/7/7.  Here is an example:

Life’s Journey

Take this path with me

We will reach a distant shore

Travel together


You can watch it in Photo Story 3 format by clicking the link below.  It will take you to  To return to this blog click on the back arrow.


Life’s Journey – an example of haiku


Although hiaku poems are often nature related they do not have to be.  In the comments area,  use any topic you wish to write your haiku.


Acrostic Poems

In acrostic poems the first letter of each line forms a word or sentence which is often the poem’s title.  Acrostic poems usually do not rhyme.  Here is an example



Open your mind

Opportunities for adventure

Key to the future or past

Simply spectacular

Try to write an acrostic poem in the comments area.  If you are stumped for an idea, try someone’s name.


A limerick is a humorous, sometimes bawdy, five line poem with an aabba rhyme scheme.  Lines one, two and five have 7 to 9 syllables and lines three and four usually have 5 syllables.  Here is a silly limerick my daughter and I wrote using the characters found in the Goanitmate software:

Alien Limerick

An alien watching children walk by

Really wasn’t that bad a guy

But children, in fear

Screamed when he got near

So he left in his ship for the sky


To view the flash animation click on the the link below.  It will take you out of edublogs to my GoAnimate page.  To come back to the blog after watching the animation click on the back arrow.


Alien Limerick


Try your hand at creating a limerick in the comments area.


Synonym Poems

Writing synonym poems is as easy as using a thesaurus.  Try this easy to use version at  To write your poem choose any word.  Write that word in capital letters on the first line.  Then using your thesaurus look up the word and find three to five synonyms (words that have the same meaning).  Write the synonyms on the second line.  On the third line, write a descriptive phrase about the word.  The last two lines of the poem should rhyme.  Here is an example:


Rhyme, ballad, jingle, verse

This example couldn’t be worse

Try your hand at writing a synonym poem in the comments area.